Heads up EOS Lip Sphere Lip balm fan girls and guys the new EOS Shimmer Lip Balm has arrived!

I dunno what it is, but I’m terribly addicted to EOS Lip Balms.

I have them in my desk drawer, on top of my dresser, my vanity, and nightstand, even in my purse, and makeup bag.

They are simply everywhere.

They deliver a nice hint of moisture but not quite enough moisture for days I’m extra dry. I tend to reach for something else.

But I still buy them. I guess that’s why I’m suddenly excited about EOS Shimmer Lip Balm! I mean shimmer and a lip sphere?

EOS Shimmer Lip Balm launched in two shade selection each of which is $4.99, so, a little higher than your average EOS Lip Balm.

These provide a touch of shimmer and shine with the same great moisturizing, hydrating formula. EOS Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm is a soft, shimmery pink where as EOS Pearl Shimmer Lip Balm is a pure white, frosty shimmer.

These even come in a cool new packaging design of black with a cut out design.

Recently Britney Spears has been seen on her new video “Make Me” even using this awesome new product.

You can pick both shades up at Ulta Beauty.


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