Are you a Planner Girl?

We at the Beaute Zone love our planners.  I currently own two planners one for business and one for personal.

Horizontal Happy Planner

I own the brand new Happy Planner Horizontal which I love love love. This planner came out a few months ago. I was super excited when Me & My Big Ideas announced that they would be releasing a Horizontal Happy Planner on their new launch. I prefer to use this planner for all of my business tasks since I keep this planner primarily at home.

The layout works very well for me while scheduling all of the tasks that I need to complete for my business without feeling confined to the normal boxes of the vertical layouts.

The price tag of only $29.99 also was a major factor to me.  I purchased my Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon making this planner only $15.00.  Which as a planner you can not beat the price tag of the happy planner.


For my personal everyday life planning I like to use my Erin Condren Planner. This is probably the most popular planner out with lots of great customizable options along with so many great sticker and accessories. Most popular among many Etsy shops as well as far as stickers are concerned.

The price tag however is pretty high starting at $55.00.


If you are a planner girl I have a Pinterest Board of FREE Planner Printables for you to follow.


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